Every time, when somebody mentions green-eyed creature you imagine a fairytale mermaid or… the Russian blue cat. It is very famous royal breed with genial good-natured character, intellectual ability, extraordinary cleanliness. They warmed babies in royal bedroom. It is a well-known fact that the Empress Catherine II often presented Russian blue as generous gifts for distinguished guests.

Such qualities as grace, royal self-sufficiency with fascinating adorable put Russian blue on the first place among their relatives.

Extremely affectionate, sometimes shy, understanding human’s speech (intonation), they almost never protract their claws while playing with the children, and at the same time demonstrating a surprising ability to get along with other pets. You can’t say the same about many other breeds of cats. By the way, some of them have healing powers and we have such one in our cattery.

In everyday life, Russian blue are usually temperamentally quiet, compliant, have a beautiful graceful gait which you can watch for hours. Hence, apparently originates view of the mysterious and ethereal magic of this breed ...

You can find a lot of assertions that ruffling the Russian blue cat's fur is very nice. Actually this is true, when you touch the silver-blue plush fur – you feel completely relax. They are real emeralds in silver!

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